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Equipment for pig farming

We help breeders raise healthy pigs under comfortable conditions, while achieving efficient and profitable production.


Automatic feeding system

We offer two variants of automatic feeding:
- spiral feeding with 55/75/90/125 mm tubes
- washer-chain feed distribution

Ventilation system

The ventilation system includes:
- climate control panel
- wall/tunnel fans
- air inlets and actuators for opening them
- switchboard
- accessories
- exhaust air shafts / supply air shafts
- air mixers


Plastic flooring

We offer plastic and cast iron grids from the best European manufacturers.


Manure removal system

The self-flowing manure system is considered one of the most efficient, low-cost and easy-to-operate solutions.


Farrowing, insemination, partitioning

We offer you machines and partitions made of quality metal from the best factories in Europe.

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